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AI driven customer engagement to drive higher satisfaction and better conversion

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Focus on delivering product, we will help you maintain, update, optimise infrastructure.

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Use data driven approach as a centrepiece of your technology, make intelligent choices on every interaction

Flexible approach

We will optimise and implement solutions in a way that works best for you delivering high quality

Scalable infrustructure

Our solutions are scalable and battle-tested, if you have 1000 clients or millions, we will deliver as you grow


Customer data platform - to store, clean and control data. Give your Company an understanding of customer behaviour, provide a single view of the customer. Create real-time audiences and cohorts, use as your scalable centrepiece for all integrations


Recommendation AI - to give your customers what they want. Make your approach individual, create personal highly-efficient journeys with emails, website, sms or ads. Make recommendations on 10,000+ SKU's while page is loading.


Fraud detection AI - robust system to provide security on every step. Protect your self from chargebacks and fraudulent refund schemes, protect your customers from identity theft AI will not block legitimate customers, it will give protections that adapts to you.

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Scalable infrustructure
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